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Beautiful America Vacation Rentals, LLC is a small, family-owned business, created by a shared passion for traveling, a deep sense of appreciation for God’s creation in nature, and a way to connect families and loved ones.

Adam and Charlotte Cantu, owners, were both born and raised in the Houston, TX area, and married in 2013, creating a blended family of six – their four children currently range in age from 7-17. After spending an anniversary trip to Idaho Springs, CO, they fell in love with the beautiful St. Mary's Glacier mountain community and decided to look for a small vacation property to share with their family. Shortly after, they found a cozy cabin situated 10,000 feet up and named it the Alice in Winterland cabin, a direct reference to the communities of Alice and Winterland, which together comprises the St. Mary’s Glacier community, and is a nod to the early miners that settled that region.  In 2017, Adam and Charlotte decided to share the Alice in Winterland cabin with others and have since welcomed visitors from all over the world.

In November of 2017, Adam and Charlotte added the Mountain Song cabin, situated in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, just north of Atlanta, GA. Mountain Song is a 2-level cabin that can accommodate a family of 6-7 and is nestled high among the trees of the Chattahoochee National Forest.  

In October of 2018, they added a Galveston, TX beach condo to Beautiful America Vacation Rentals. Situated in the gated condo community of The Victorian, this 1980's hotel-turned condo-tel, has an early Galveston vibe and the Captain's Cove condo has both views of the Gulf of Mexico and one of the two pools, which makes this third addition another great place to enjoy the respite of a beach-side property.

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In November of 2019, Adam was diagnosed with Stage 4 stomach cancer and sadly passed away 10 months later in August of 2020. Charlotte is committed to keeping his legacy alive by dedicating a portion of each  booking to Stupid Strong, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization that is dedicated to raising awareness about gastric cancer, advancing funding for research, and providing education and support to families in need.

Learn more about Stupid Strong here.

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